Yoga By Kels

Welcome to the Studio


Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.



(Kels) Kelsie Spooner

I practiced yoga for the first time in early 2007. Fitness and well-being has always been a part of my life. I specialize in Meditation and Vinyasa Flows and have been studying under Dharma. My teaching style is "go with the flow". Depending on the day, the special requests I have in class and overall "mood' of the room, each class literally goes with the flow. II always incorporate verbal cueing to allow you to deepen  your practice, modifications for each pose, teaching body awareness, strength and balance and flexibility in my classes. We will always end class with a guided meditation that will allow you to further center yourself, be gracious in thought and set mindful intentions as your journey unfolds. You can always expect something different in each class. 

I am facinated by the eploration of the internal world that yoga offers and my classes encourage students to connect deeply into the space of their breath and bodies. Namaste, Kels


Allie Kenyon

I love sharing yoga with all my family and friends! I started practicing yoga to battle grief. It has helped to create balance in my life even when I felt mentally and physically inflexible and weak. What I found is a love for the challenges and a love for the friendships. It is so powerful and inspiring to see students find the excitement and satisfaction yoga has brought to me. I will be primarily focusing on teaching variations and styles of Ashtanga yoga! If you are ready to experience a positive change in your life, consider doing it with me at Yoga By Kels!


Kimberly Linder

My name is Kimberly. Throughout the years my interest and passions have change many times, but few things have stayed true. 
My love for life and all it holds, the ups and downs, the challenges, and the fears. Most importantly the strength to over come. The passion to grow and to enjoy life is my pursuit. Bringing Peace & Pleasure to a busy world. 

Yoga has been an amazing outlet for this. For myself and to share with others. My intention with my classes is to relieve stress while strengthening  and toning  the body. 

I am a  Health Coach. Educating and supporting indiviaduals in ways to feel better physically, mentally and emotionally.  

 I believe everything we do plays a roll in how we feel, and we all wanna feel good!


Michelle Roby

I’m a Lewiston, ID native and I've been practicing yoga for about 10 years! I’m a registered yoga teacher, having completed my 200hr training in June, 2017! I’m also certified in BUTI Yoga! I’m not the most flexible so I enjoy working on my flexibility while challenging myself with strengthening poses. I enjoy watching students succeed and cant wait to practice with you all!


Jen Rush

Writing and yoga are my solace when the world around me and my own thoughts get too loud. For as long as I can remember I have found so much comfort in crafting my thoughts on the pages of my favorite journals. I’ve always had this notion that if somebody could explore me in one way only, reading the words that fill me up would be the greatest resource to do so. Sometimes it’s messy, but it’s always full of heart. I’ve documented grief and triumphs and everything in between.
I am a true soul searcher and I discover so many missing pieces of me through the pages I pen my heart onto. I’m an open mind and I adore exploring  the world around me. There is so much for each of us to learn. There is healing in story-telling… immense power in our experiences and how we perceive them and share them. I hope you all find pieces of you in pages you read and when you do, I hope you spread them.